VHB & Acrylic Foam Bonding Tapes

VHB & Acrylic Foam Bonding tapes provide a durable bonding solution with a high degree of conformability, gap filling and stress relaxation properties. Excellent for signage and graphics and a wide range of bonding applications, including replacing metal fasteners or providing a moisture-proof gasket.


  • Replace spot welds, screws, rivets & liquid fasteners
  • Create a gasket where metal fasteners are used
  • Metal to Glass Bonding
  • Door Glass Bonding
  • Decorative Trims
  • Glazing
  • Name Plates & Sign Construction


  • Replaces metal fasteners and alleviate rust
  • No adhesive cure time
  • High conformability and extremely high internal strength
  • Excellent weather resistance & durability
  • Reduced risk of leaking - from drilled holes
  • Smoother, more aesthetically pleasing finished product - no unsightly screw heads
  • Provides vibration dampening and moisture barrier



Simplify - enhance - accelerate the production of short and long term signage



Bond seal plate to the bottom edge of pan-style garage doors or steel kick plate to doors



Bond name plates or metal and composite bus and commercial vehicle body panels to frame structures





Bond muntin bar to glass

pane on windows & doors

Attach plastic LCD trim, bezels 

and frames to TV/LCD displays

Bond an aluminum shade side

channel to window frame

The applications are endless!

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