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Sampco Companies is recognized as the nation’s premier marketing company for the building materials industry. Since 1986, they have created effective marketing samples for the flooring, brick/paver, roofing, siding, adhesive, door and window, and stain industries.

Opportunity: In the fast-paced building supply industry, there is a constant demand for marketing samples, and short turnaround times are expected. So, Sampco is accustomed to working within very tight deadlines to deliver the needed building samples to their clients. In one instance, right before the holidays, Sampco was preparing some important roofing samples and realized, due to a vendor printing error, the samples were not usable and needed to be replaced… quickly! Sampco, a customer for more than 15 years, immediately called Tape Products Company for assistance.

Solution: Not only was Tape Products Company able to provide exceptional customer service by finding Sampco a new vendor in a very short period of time, right when most people were starting their holiday vacations, but they were able to develop higher quality packaging that better fit the complex specifications of the roofing sample.

Results: By working with the new vendor, Tape Products Company was able to save Sampco time and money, while providing them with better packaging. The new vendor delivered the products they needed in three weeks, instead of the usual four to six weeks it took with their old vendor. Sampco now has sleek packaging that includes their customer’s name, logo and product number, and is specifically designed to fit that particular roofing sample.



Von Maur

Von Maur—Packaging and Protecting Solution
Founded in the late 1800s in Davenport, Iowa, Von Maur is an upscale specialty department store chain with stores throughout the Midwest and the southern part of the United States. Von Maur has 27 stores across 11 states. Still based in Davenport, Von Maur sells brand-name apparel, accessories, cosmetics, gifts, jewelry, and shoes.

Opportunity: As Von Maur was planning to open their new e-commerce facility, they needed solutions related to growth issues.  Tape Products Company, a valued provider of their printing, packaging and equipment needs, worked closely with Von Maur to help them achieve their goals:  better product protection, increased thru-puts , a reduction of costs related to labor, a smaller environmental footprint, and brand enhancement.

Solution: Tape Products Company evaluated Von Maur’s packaging process and installed multiple overhead air pillow systems that deliver the needed void fill and product protection, while combining a way to maximize thru-put.

Results: The streamlined packaging solution reduces costs, saves time and allows for projected growth.  Von Maur’s products receive the proper protection, and the customer receives the aesthetically pleasing package they expect from Von Maur, with the benefit of an easily recycled void fill, which reduces the environmental impact.



Top Secret

Confidential Company

Opportunity: One of Tape Products Company’s customers, a leading international company supplying aluminum, foundry, glass, zinc, steel and noise control products, had an older semi-automatic stretch-wrapping machine that they had been using for quite some time.  The clutch was broken, and as a result, they were going through more stretch film than necessary.

Solution: After evaluating the customer’s current equipment, processes and supplies, Tape Products Company was able to work within the customer’s budget and install new, more efficient semi-automatic stretch wrap equipment. Always ready for any maintenance issues and looking for areas for process improvements, the Tape Products Company representative also found other opportunities to improve efficiencies and decrease costs for this customer. With Tape Products Company’s extensive product knowledge in the packaging industry and excellent vendor relationships, Tape Products Company was also able to provide a highly specialized tape alternative for a critical packaging application at a much lower cost.

Results: The newer, more efficient semi-automatic stretch wrap equipment dramatically increased productivity and decreased stretch film waste. Along with the new stretch wrap equipment, Tape Products Company also found a specialized packaging tape alternative, which was essential for the customer to properly package and protect their products, at a much lower price point. By using the new tape and reducing their stretch film requirements, this customer estimates over $6,000 a year in savings.

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