Stretch Film

Wrapping and Unitizing your pallets for load stability and protection. You want to make sure your product and your pallets are secured whether you are wrapping long parts in a horizontal wrapper or heavy cartons on a pallet. By using the best stretch film product for your application, we can help you get your products to their destination intact.

We have tough films for horizontal wrappers with cling one side so the products or pallets don’t stick together.


You can hand wrap pallets with light weight pre-stretch film and still get the toughness you need to hold your pallet together. The light weight roll makes it easier to wrap all day long.


  • Use less film
  • Reduce wrapper fatigue 
  • Keeps load intact with high cling film in cold and dusty environments

  • Rolled edges reduce damage if rolls are dropped




Keep your pallets from being tampered with by using colored or printed films – easy, inexpensive way to add protection with colored film




If you are wrapping food products in refrigerated areas or product that may sit in the cold temporarily or on a flatbed truck, take a look at our cold temperature stretch film that retains the cling you need to keep the load secure.

Trade in your old stretch wrap machine for a new faster piece of equipment. A new machine will help you save money on replacement parts and service and reduce your film cost per pallet. We’ll help you do the testing to identify the right machine with the best most cost-effective stretch film for your application. We’ll even help you pay for the new equipment with a film rebate program that can be applied to the purchase of a new machine.

You can wrap your goods at high temperatures with our vented films that let your product breathe; keeps your product in good condition and allows you to wrap promptly without wasting time.






We can add top sheets for additional protection or shrink bags or stretch hooders to totally encapsulate your product or pallet.


We have your palletizing requirements covered. Ask us for the best film for your application.

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