Facilities Repair & Maintenance

Facility Repairs

You need the best repair and maintenance solutions available to keep your facility running at it’s optimum level. We can help you with all the right products to get the job done efficiently and safely.

Whether you are repairing a machine, heating duct, patching a roof or painting concrete floors or walls in your facility, we can provide the best products to properly address any of your maintenance needs. We have an extensive inventory of cloth duct tapes, polysheeting, masking, electrical tape and pipe wrap for any maintenance or repair issue that you might have.

Tape Products Company can also provide vinyl tapes for aisle marking, safety striped hazard tapes to identify steps, entrances and exits and barricade tape to quarantine areas.

Our experienced representatives are always on hand to help ensure that your equipment is operating at its best. Our dedicated professionals can help you identify and find a solution to potential problems before they become larger issues that could cost you valuable time and money.

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“Tape Products Company has kept our equipment running, even during peak season.  They have been a partner in providing the solution to all our packaging and shipping needs, utilizing innovative approaches, saving us time and energy.”

Bekke Parker
Von Maur