Packaging, Protecting & Shipping

Packaging, Protecting and Shipping
We know you work hard to produce superior products for your customers. We have the transport packaging solution to ensure that your product reaches its destination intact. We can help you assess and improve your packaging line to increase productivity.

After nearly 50 years in the packaging and shipping supply business, we know there isn’t a one-size- fits-all solution to every packaging or shipping need. We’ve packaged nearly everything you can imagine—from plated metal parts, cosmetics, food, beverages, and jewelry to sheets of glass and metal, and windows and doors. Whether you are transporting products internally or shipping globally, we can help you make sure that your products are properly protected so they can reach their destinations securely. We can offer you cost effective, durable packaging and help you optimize your process with the right materials and equipment.

Ask us about used equipment, trading in your old equipment and machinery service.

We offer a wide range of materials and equipment designed to fit your needs and your budget. We utilize everything from stretch films, papers, glue, and poly and steel banding to secure and protect a variety of surfaces, including metal, glass, marble, veneer, and acrylic. We offer shrink film and bundling film to unitize, protect, ship or bundle your products. To fill the void and keep your products from shifting inside boxes, we can supply anything from packaging peanuts, foam, bubble, air pillows, paper, corrugated, and honeycomb to expandable polyurethane foams for on-demand custom-molded protection. We can close your carton with tape, glue, strap or staples.

We can help you automate your packaging line so you can allocate your personnel where they are needed the most.  We can offer you cost effective, durable packaging and void fill to help you optimize your process with the right materials and equipment.

Some typical applications include:

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