Marking, Identification & Coding

Marking, Identification and Coding
Print on it, label it, write on it, code it, or mark it with our solutions for industrial marking and traceability.

From important documents to large pallets of product, Tape Products Company’s marking and labeling products can help prevent loss, damage or the mishandling of shipped material. We offer solutions for every aspect of packaging, shipping and storage, including custom labeling solutions and direct thermal labels for all of your marking and identification needs.

Whether your company needs to label metal, glass, paper, or wood, we have permanent and temporary solutions that can withstand exposure to the elements. Our products don’t stop at shipping; we also offer workplace safety and productivity solutions for industrial or high noise level work environments where vocal communication can be easily disrupted, making it difficult to communicate warnings and risks to employees.

Markers and crayons are available in all colors, with fast-drying or high-purity ink options to general use Sharpie™ markers. Our identification and labeling products can be permanent or removable, as well as water or solvent-resistant. Additionally, we offer pressure-sensitive envelopes that keep important documents, such as invoices and instruction manuals, firmly attached to product packages. We can make all labeling and marking easier by using inexpensive table-top label dispensers, contact roller coders, automatic in-line inkjet printers, and label printer applicators.

Tape Products Company’s color-coded visual solutions also work in hazardous areas, and can be used to increase personnel safety and reduce the potential for accidents. We provide vinyl tapes for aisle marking, safety striped hazard tapes to identify steps, entrances and exits, and barricade tape to quarantine areas.

We can provide vinyl, paper and specialty tapes to color code wires and cables, as well as floor marking, colored tapes and films for identification and conspicuity tape for vehicles. We also offer pressure-sensitive labels and printed tape for labeling damaged items, hazardous materials, fragile items, and tamper-proof packaging, as well as marketing messages, brand names and product information. We offer standard or custom-printed labels and tags to mark machinery for inspection, repairs or “Right to Know” safety notices. Other accident prevention and safety products include safety knives and safety apparel.

Marking, Identification And Coding

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