Building, Construction & HVAC

Building, Construction & HAVC
The advantages of insulation shouldn’t begin and end after it’s installed. Ease of installation is just as important to us as offering the most energy efficient materials. Replace irritating Fiberglas insulation with easy-to-install and handle reflective bubble insulation and experience the difference.

Reflective bubble insulation replaces conventional Fiberglas in both HVAC and metal building applications, providing higher insulation value and reduced energy costs. Additionally, bubble insulation will not degrade or decompose over time.  Unlike Fiberglas, it is non-toxic, and won’t cause itching to anyone installing the product.

For seaming, sheathing, sealing and masking needs, we offer colored polyethylene film tapes for masking and stucco, along with a full range of cloth duct tapes that protect materials from the elements or hold polyethylene film during construction. Butyl and foam tapes for sealing gaps are also available. We have a complete range of foil tapes, and cladding for seaming roofing and wrapping duct work that meet UL requirements.

Building, Construction and HAVC

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