Shrink and Bundling Film and Equipment

We have the right film and equipment for you to unitize, protect, ship or bundle your products.

  • Packaged Foods 
  • Printing and Paper Products
  • Toys, Games & Sporting Goods 
  • Hardware and Housewares 
  • Electronics Textiles 
  • Pharmaceuticals 
  • Industrial Parts 
  • Textiles

Low Shrink Force Films for paper and printed goods

  • Won’t crush your product 
  • Locks out dust and moisture

  • No bending or distortion

  • Saves on shipping cost 

High Clarity Films 

Pre-Perforated Films for anti fog and prevention of “dog-ears” 

High Speed Film for automatic equipment 

USDA and FDA approved films for direct and indirect food contact

Shrink bundling films for irregular shapes and profiles - Available in bags, sheeting and tubing. 




The most popular wrapping and sealing method is the “L” bar sealer; the product is then transferred into a heat tunnel to “shrink” or tighten the film to the product. All-in-one seal and shrink systems are also available. Straight bar sealers and heat guns are used in lower volume applications. Fully automatic systems for large volume applications. 

Contact us for your specific film and/or equipment needs.


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