Roofing / Siding / Insulation Supplies

berry flashing

Insulation Seaming Tapes

  • FSK
  • ASJ
  • UL181
  • Cloth/Duct
  • Polyethylene
    (with or without pinked/serrated edges)

House Wrap/Sheathing Tape

berry flashing

  • All weather acrylic adhesive
  • Seals seams and joints on all types of housewrap,
  • sheathing, insulation or vapor barrier materials.

Flashing & Pipe Wrap Tape

Various thicknesses with or without foil

Reflective Bubble Insulation & 1800 SCIF

Reflective Bubble Instalation

  • Available for metal building to control condensation and reflect heat
  • HVAC to reflect radiant heat
  • Concrete underpad to reduce radiant heat loss
  • 1800 SCIF (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility) for government “safe” rooms

Cladding & Jacketing Material

Cladding and Jacketing Material

Available with butyl; smooth or embossed foil; embossed white

Material Handling Products

hand wrap stretch film

Stretch Film

  • Various widths and gauges
  • Machine and hand grade
  • Prestretched with rolled edges to prevent roll damage

banding and strapping

Banding / Strapping Material & Tools

  • Steel and poly banding
  • Manual hand tools
  • Battery powered tools
  • Pneumatic tools

poly sheeting

Poly Sheeting

  • Elasticene high performance sheeting
  • Standard gauges

Woven Polyethylene Sheeting

  • Reinforced and laminated polyethylene film for best product protection
  • Available with or without VCI
    (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor - prevents corrosion, oxidation and rust)
  • Available up to 120” wide

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