Void Fill and Protective Packaging

Let Tape Products Company help you determine the most effective and least expensive way to protect your product in shipping.  We want to visit your facility to understand your packing process.  While there, we will do comparative pack-outs and make our recommendations for you to evaluate.  We will find your company the absolute best protective packaging solution.

We have a comprehensive offering that includes void fill products ranging from packaging peanuts to customized foam, honeycomb and die-cuts that include all types of on-demand paper, bubble and air pillow systems.   

Our comprehensive offering of packaging materials will help you prevent damages and returns by choosing the right protective packaging and void fill for your product.

void fill

Paper and air filled void fill made on demand:

  • Increase the efficiency of your  packers by delivering the protective packaging they need at an ergonomic level on demand.

  • Reduce inventory and save warehouse space by making your own void fill right at the packaging line.

  • Save space: on-demand system for minimal storage

  • Air pillows are lightweight and won’t increase your shipping costs unnecessarily

  • Protect packaging without damaging the product with cohesive foam.

  • Paper and film products available to help you meet your sustainability goals – recyclable, bio and oxygen degradable products available.



Better Solution

If you are looking for a better alternative to Sealed Air Instapack® foam in place packaging, look no further.  Numerous customers have made the change and are benefiting from the Pregis Intellipack Smartfoam® systems for protective packaging, void fill, cushioning, blocking and bracing and containment.  Intellipack System will provide you significant savings because of the state of the art computer telemetry system that proactively monitors the entire system performance 24/7 to virtually eliminate all downtime.  Sealed Air isn’t the only answer when it comes to foam in place packaging anymore.

Bubble and foam for product protection or inner packaging. Use bubble and foam for the delicate products to protect from damage in shipment.  Cohesive foam can be used to wrap around furniture to prevent damage without leaving residue or adhesive.

bubble and foam wrap



Picking the Right Mailer 

The right type of mailer serves as both your shipping container and product protection. Whether it is a bubble mailer, single face corrugated or cohesive foam that can be produced to fit your product on demand or chipboard to protect your product during shipment we have the answer.

Tape Products has the experience and knowledge base to help you choose the right mailer for your packaging needs.

Benefits of Using Tape Products

Before shipping your product we can perform  a comprehensive test to make sure your products will arrive safely. Our services include testing for shock, vibration, atmospheric effects, dynamic cushion curves, compression density, drop test and tensile strength.

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