Printed Tapes

Tape Products Company specializes in printed tapes. Our pressure sensitive carton sealing tapes, water activated gummed tapes and fiberglass reinforced filament tapes are some of our top performing tapes.

Tapes are printed on our in-house presses for prompt shipping. 

Carton Sealing Tapes – Polypropylene, PVC & Paper 

  • Print your Logo or ANY MessageObtain Reorders from Your Customers by Using Printed Tape
  • Color Code & Mark Your Products for Product Identification
  • Great Low Cost Form of Advertising – Print Your Company Name, Product or Service
  • Prevent Pilferage with Tamper-Evident Tape

Standard tape colors: tan, clear & white 

Standard ink colors: black, red, light blue, dark blue, green & orange 

Other tape and ink colors available

No minimum order on standard stock prints. 


Stock Prints:


Two-case minimum order on custom prints or stock plates (see stock plates below). 

Stock Plates:


Water Activated Gummed Tapes



Available in natural (kraft) or white

  • For the Best Carton Protection and Carton Integrity! 
  • Print your Company Name, Product or Service
  • Prevent Pilferage of Costly, Valuable Products

Permanent bond provides protection from pilferage – carton cannot be re-sealed without detection.

Printed on our in-house presses. Minimum orders are as small as 2 cases, depending on the grade and size of the tape.



Fiberglass Reinforced Filament Tape


White surface printable filament tape

  • Secure heavy cartons
  • Bundles cartons for UPS/Fed Ex Savings

Also available:

Barricade tapes – non adhesive

Variety of messages, colors and sizes

  • Increase safety awareness

  • Mark of dangerous areas – safety, construction, law enforcements, utilities, etc.

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“Tape Products has been a key partner with MMT for over a decade.  They continuously strive to negotiate low and deviated prices with their manufacturers in order to provide us with the lowest possible priced goods…”

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