Movers Tape

movers tape

Box it, tape it, tag it, label it, wrap it, move it.

Whether you’re in need of 4 cases of movers tape or 4 pallets, we have it in stock and ready to ship to you.  Tape Products Company believes in providing you the best tape for your moving needs.  Our most commonly used product, carton sealing tape comes in hot melt or acrylic adhesive, tan and clear all widths and lengths. Printed or colored carton sealing tape is available for color coding or to identify box contents.  Lightweight pistol grip carton sealing tape dispensers available.

HOWEVER, we are not just tape…. We understand that moving requires much more than the right type of tape.  In addition to providing you the best tape for sealing your cartons at a competitive cost, we provide products to help your company get the job completed while keeping your packages and surfaces safeguarded and organized.

Safeguarding Surfaces

carpet shield

Don’t waste time cleaning up after the move. Buy our carpet shield for floor protection.Our carpet shield will provide temporary protection to keep the floors clean.  Reverse wound for easy application.

Protective Products

Furniture and mattress bags to protect furniture during shipment or relocation. In addition to protecting large items, we have bubble wrap, foam, corrugated and cohesive products to protect fragile items and prevent damage without leaving any residue.



Furniture and mattress bags to protect furniture during shipment or relocation.
furniture wrap








Organizing, Bundling and Wrapping 

In addition to keeping your boxes closed with the best tape, we believe it’s equally important to keep organized. 

We have large rubber bands for securing and color-coding items. We also have  sequentially numbered and barcoded printed tape and labels for tagging and inventory purposes and labels in all colors and sizes to mark and identify cartons

color coding

Unitize the boxes or stretch wrap the pallet. Stretch film can be used in any width and gauge to bundle packages or to  wrap pallets.  Use the narrow width banding film to hold rugs or long narrow packages together without leaving any adhesive residue.

shrink wrap

With our products you will no longer have to deal with the hassle of misplaced inventory. Unpacking will be easier than ever before.

When you work with Tape Products Company, you can trust that you will have everything taken care of in one convenient place. No matter  the need, we’ve got you covered. Call us today to see what else we can do for you. 

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