Metal Building Supplies

ProductsReflective Insulation

  • Prevents Interior Condensation
  • Blocks 97% of Radiant Heat Transfer
  • Staple or Adhesive Tabs Available

foam tape sealants

Expandable Foam Tape Sealants

  • Void Fills & Gasketing Applications

Foam Tape Sealants

ridge ventRidge Vent - Polyurethane Foam with Vinyl Coating

  • Conforms to metal roof panel configurations
  • Glue strip for easy installation
  • 40 year warranty

Butyl Tape

Foil Tape

  • Elastomeric Butyl Rubber Sealant

Foil Tape

  • Seals Seams and Joints

Double Coated Tapes

  • Holds/Splices Insulation

White Embossed Vinyl
& White Metalized Polypropylene

  • Seams and Repairs Metal Building Insulation Facings

VHB / Acrylic Foam Bonding Tapes

  • Replace mechanical fasteners – unlike screws or rivets which join materials at a single point, high strength bonding tape permanently adheres 2 substrates to each other while spreading the stress load across the entire length of the joint, creating an indestructible “weld”

To learn more about VHB tapes, click here

Metal Protection Materials:

Protective Film

Protective Film

  • Trim piece protection

Poly Sheeting

  • Reinforced & Non Reinforced

Reinforced Poly Kraft Wrap

  • Moisture barrier protection

Plastic & Steel Banding and Battery Powered Banding Tools

Banding Tools
Plastic banding:

  • Safer than steel banding
  • Faster & costs less

Foam Strips & Sheets

  • Protection during shipment

Stretch Film

  • heavy gauge and narrow widths

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