Cloth Duct Tapes

Cloth duct tape is the ideal solution for many applications in the construction, entertainment, military packaging, general industrial, HVAC and automotive industries. Cloth duct tape is a high strength tape with a moisture resistant design that is meant to be durable enough to hold up for an extended period of time and can handle outdoor conditions.   

We offer a wide range of cloth duct tapes to meet the needs of each industry.


We have many options for mounting and protecting automotive parts.  Tapes and materials are available in different grades, colors and widths; for use in applications where solvents or chemicals may be used, color-coding or to prevent abrasion on certain parts.



If you are in need of a reliable and durable tape to mask off concrete or secure polyethylene construction sheeting, we have many different grades, widths and colors. You can also use our cloth duct tape as a bond breaker tape with concrete forms or molds. We can slit this tape to any width.




The entertainment industry is always changing. As a result they need temporary solutions that are strong enough to hold up throughout their performances but can be easily removed when the performance is over. We offer the cloth duct tape in the gaffers tape grade in all colors and sizes, including fluorescent colors.

The matte finish of the gaffer’s tapes will alleviate the problem of light reflection off the tape. Our tape is strong enough to hold down the wires on many flooring surfaces and able to be removed easily, making cleanup quick and easy. In areas where you don’t need the matte finish, but require colored duct tape to hold down carpet or secure products, you can use our medium grade cloth tape that is also available in many colors and any width you need.




General Industrial

General-purpose cloth duct tapes are great for every day miscellaneous repair or seaming of poly sheeting in any industrial setting. The cloth duct tapes are durable, water resistant and reliable. Our color choices make them easily identifiable or to match an existing color product or fabric, such as seat repair in buses or other vehicles.





HVAC tapes require a moisture-free seal to ensure the security of the ductwork. Cloth duct tapes that meet UL standards for HVAC and aluminum foil tapes are stock items and available in different grades, colors and widths.




As with everything in the military all products must be tough, dependable and able to withstand rigorous conditions. Our top of the line tapes cloth duct tapes are tough dependable and can easily withstand all conditions no matter how brutal. These tapes are also available to meet military and federal specifications. 

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