Packaging and Tapes for Cold Environments and Seasonal Cold Temperatures

Cold temperatures do change the performance demands of some tapes and packaging materials. You may need to identify if your product is going to be applied at/or exposed to extreme cold; for instance, whether your taped cartons and stretch wrapped pallets will be sitting in a cold warehouse or delivery truck.

Today there are many options for cold weather/cold environment applications and it may be worthwhile to change the product seasonally to optimize their performance, as well as alleviate pilferage and damage.

Special adhesives are applied to cold temperature carton sealing tapes and are available in both hand rolls and machine rolls. Shurtape HP132 and HP232 along with Vibac 620 provide a light weight and medium weight cold temperature packaging tape for refrigerated environments as well as shipping in cold weather.

Stretch wrap with higher inside cling layers promote keeping the load stabilized better in cold temperatures. We offer films from Sigma Films, Berry Films and Paragon Films that perform well in cold temps. Paragon Cold Force may be one of the best stretch film choices for palletizing in your cold storage applications or frozen products such as ice and ice cream. Cold Force has an extremely aggressive cling package with guaranteed wipe down, leaving no tails.

Labels being applied in cold temperatures next to open dock doors will perform better with cold temperature adhesives to insure they stay attached to the package or item when applied at 32 degrees F. Freezer grade adhesives are used for application temperatures down to minus 20 degrees and service temperature of minus 65 degrees F.

While most packaging products, tape and stretch film should be applied in temperatures from 20 degrees F up, these cold temperature products, including specialty double coated tapes, will perform in minus (-) 20 degrees F up to 100 degrees F or higher.

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