Convention/Expo and Staging Tapes and Supplies

At Tape Products Company we have experience providing our customers an array of tape and packaging solutions based on their specific needs. When it comes to the Convention and Arts & Entertainment sector, we provide the tapes required for booth set-up and staging in the convention, tradeshow and theatrical arenas.

One of our newest tapes is the FastFloor Ballroom Tape which features two tapes in one. This tape has a double coated cloth tape laminated to a polyolefin film tape that is designed for temporary carpet installation over existing carpeted areas. This design allows for clean removal and is ideal for conventions or tradeshows.

We have a large variety of other convention, staging and arts and entertainment tapes, including:

We also inventory other commonly used tapes and supplies for these arenas:

To find out more about our products and capabilities and learn which one best suits your application, visit our website. We also actively post more industry news and company updates on our Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ pages. Please feel free to comment on these products in our comments section below.

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What Clients Are Saying

“Tape Products Company has kept our equipment running, even during peak season.  They have been a partner in providing the solution to all our packaging and shipping needs, utilizing innovative approaches, saving us time and energy.”

Bekke Parker
Von Maur