Compliance Series: CONEG and Packing Legislation

For the last blog post in our compliance series we’re going to take a look at CONEG and its work within packaging legislation. CONEG or the Coalition of Northeastern Governors was established in 1976 as a non-partisan association, which encourages intergovernmental cooperation in the Northeast. In the 1990s the association developed the Model Toxics in Packaging Legislation, which is designed to phase out the use and presence of heavy metals in packaging and packaging components, specifically mercury,lead, cadmium, and hexavalent chromium. 

Since packaging comprises approximately one-third of the waste stream, it is hoped that this legislation will curb the amount of heavy metals entering the municipal solid waste stream and, ultimately, landfills and

incinerators. A reduced contribution of these metals to the waste stream will gradually lower their harmful presence in the environment.

Although the legislation was originally developed for the Northeastern states the model legislation has become an internationally recognized standard. To learn about how Tape Products Company is working to reduce harmful materials in our products or to find out more about any compliance issues we’ve discussed, contact us. We also post more packaging news on our social media sites, including Twitter, LinkedIn,Facebook, and Google+


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